Frequently Asked Questions

How do you manage to travel the world?

I simply make traveling a priority. As my dad used to say, “I could get a new car or I can travel. I choose to travel.”

How did you build and market your blog?

I’m still working on building and marketing my blog. I used the Superstar Blogging course by Nomadic Matt. As a perfectionist (recovering), I understand it’s hard to build your blog from nothing. Don’t wait for your idea, your logo, or your blog to be perfect. Just get started using Bluehost or your preferred host today.

What Gear & Software do you use?

Check out my blog post (coming soon) on my favorite gear. As for software, I use a custom built computer running Microsoft. I use the Google suite to organize all the ideas on my blog

Do you like to travel alone?

Yes and no. There is something very special and unique, empowering even about traveling solo. You can recharge your batteries and live simply while out on your journey. It can also be easy to meet others, and you’ll find some very neat people that touch your soul in an indescribable way.

On the other hand, I miss my family and friends when I’m away. I love having someone next to me to turn to and say, “Here, look at that!” There’s something beautiful about being about to share those jaw-dropping moments with another person.

What low budget destinations do you recommend?

I firmly believe there is a dream trip, a perfect destination for everyone. There is (ultra) basic all the way to luxury, and your idea of budget or basic accommodations may be different than mine. Not to mention that standards can vary greatly from one country to another. That being said, a budget destination everyone can enjoy is Prague. No matter the accommodation or activities you choose, I believe you will be happy with your choice to visit such a beautiful place.

If you have any more questions for me, feel free to contact me, or DM me on Instagram.