Hello, I’m Tristina. Have you found the neatest travel experiences are the ones you never expected? Are you awed by locals who show outstanding hospitality, stays in places you never imagined could exist, or simply staring out a train window at amazing views?

If so, you’re in the right place!

Travel for me is about more than checking countries off a list or taking pictures in popular tourist spots for social media. It’s about the cultural exchange that occurs, leaving you enriched and connected with the world outside yourself.

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About Tristina

love at first adventure about me train station madrid
About to hop the train in Madrid, Spain

Some say I was born to travel. Certainly, I was born into a traveling family. My father Dan started his own travel agency, Tropical Sails, in 1990. What followed was many family adventures both foreign and domestic where I fell in love with all things travel.

After living in Spain and a life altering trek on the Camino de Santiago, I quit my day job as a High School Spanish teacher after nearly a decade. Instead, I decided to focus on expressing my God-given talents as a creative and writer through this blog!

Although this site focuses mainly on Europe, I have traveled to more than 34 countries. Also, while I revel in solo travel, some of my fondest off beat travel memories are with my friends (old and new) and family.

A few more things that influence my work on this blog…

  • I studied abroad in Spain while I was in college
  • I led three group tours to China, Hong Kong, and Australia
  • I was a tour guide in New York City for four summers
  • I taught English in a small town in Spain
  • I have a Master’s degree in Foreign Language Education
  • I worked at an ESL summer camp in southern Spain
  • I speak Spanish fluently
  • I have taught English online

What you can expect from this blog

But enough about me — I started this site to help you! At Love at First Adventure, my goal is to inspire you to buy a ticket out of your comfort zone, prepare you with essential planning advice, and teach you the value of getting off the beaten path when it comes to travel.

In short, you’ll find…

  • Destination advice
  • Travel tips and resources
  • Inspiration to travel outside your comfort zone
  • In-depth travel guides

I’m also extremely passionate — some might say obsessed — about the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage and its sister routes around the world. If you’ve been dreaming of Camino travel, and are finally ready to plan your own journey of a lifetime, welcome! Start your Camino journey here.

Digital Marketing Services 

editing photos on laptop
Although I spend a lot of time on the computer, I love getting away from it all!

In addition to this blog, I own and operate a digital marketing agency. At Love at First Digital, we help content creators, coaches, and bloggers get more clicks, customers, and sales!

I believe each individual is uniquely made by God and best operates in their workplace when using their innate talents. I’d love to help you grow those talents by taking on marketing tasks that are currently weighing you down.

Check out my boutique marketing agency, or contact me to see how I can help.


Let’s connect

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