Travel Blog Collaboration

Would you like to work together on a sponsored feature or travel blogging project such as a guest post? Love at First Adventure is open to for collabs, and we’ve love to hear from you. What’s more, we own a digital marketing agency and offer paid services to help you grow!

About Our Niche

Hi, my name is Tristina. I’m the founder here at Love at First Adventure. Our niche is slow travel. To explain, travel to us is more about checking the hottest tourist destinations off a list. We love traveling slowly. For example, setting up in a country for a few weeks (or months) and getting to know the surrounding area is our jam. Through this style of travel, we help travelers discover little known destinations, customs, and people that enrich the travel experience.

Slow travel activities we love:

  • day trips and itineraries (short or long)
  • language courses, museums
  • cultural and religious musings
  • backpacking, long term travel
  • pilgrimages, long term hikes
  • walking tours, coffee dates with locals
  • road trips
  • outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, boat ride
  • off the beaten path adventures, little known towns, and other local gems

Find out about me, and see if we’d be a good match!

Let’s Collaborate

Check out opportunities for collaborating on our travel blogs and businesses below.

Blogging Collabs

Do you believe in serving others and creating mutual benefit for bloggers, small business owners, and our audiences? If so, read on to see how we can work together in a travel blog collaboration.

My expertise lies in Spain travel, foreign languages and education, teaching English abroad, and the Camino de Santiago (See the complete Camino guide.). Thus, I can best speak to these areas.

I am interested in collaborating with travel bloggers on:

  • guest posts, link building, & round up posts
  • expert interviews, Facebook lives, podcast interviews, YouTube videos, etc.
  • paid writing projects (such as SEO-friendly posts and web copy)

Guest Posts

We love to feature guest posts on our site. Please see our requirements below before submitting a pitch via email.

Love at First Adventure is currently accepting guest posts on the aforementioned niche in the following countries:

  • France
  • Italy
  • Portugal
  • Turkey
  • Croatia
  • Greece
  • Other countries in Europe, South America, or Mexico will also be considered.

Guest Post Requirements:

  • Pitch submitted via email; please link to an article that best shows your writing style
  • Provides value to the readers in our niche
  • 1500 words minimum
  • Will be edited for SEO, grammar, flow, and affiliate links.
  • Accompanying photos should be landscape, 1024 x 768 px (If using stock photos, please include original link for attribution)
  • May include two links to non-competing blog posts
  • Your author bio

Sponsored Posts

In order to bring the best content to our readers, we partner with some of our favorite brands and companies. I’m happy to share my honest opinion and an accurate representation of companies and products that I’m passionate about. Some of the travel blog collaboration services I offer are travel blog reviews, brand ambassadorships, and social media features.

We work with:

  • tourism boards
  • travel companies
  • vacation properties
  • brands (booking tools, tech, gear, or products that will improve the travel experience)

Please contact me at to discuss further travel blog collaboration. Media kit available upon request.

Digital Marketing for Content Creators

In addition to blogging, I also offer digital marketing services such as digital ad management, SEO, and content strategy. I am passionate about helping you grow your business, blog, or course sign ups!

Check out my boutique digital marketing site, Love at First Digital, and book a call today.

Ready for a travel blog collaboration?

If you have any ideas for a travel blog collaboration or to seek blogging services, please reach out. I can be reach via email or on social @loveatfirstadventure!

Please note that due to the amount of requests we receive, we may not respond to every inquiry.