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7 Best Camino de Santiago Movies: Uplifting Stories For Pilgrims

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If you are reading this article, there is a good chance you’re considering hiking the Camino de Santiago in Spain. Or maybe you already have! Whether you are looking for motivation, wanting to relive your trekking adventure, or trying to plan a Camino yourself, you’ve definitely landed on the right page.

Whatever your reason may be, these uplifting and inspiring movies about the Camino de Santiago are sure to spark your adventure and help prepare you for the journey of a lifetime. 

Here is a list of our 7 favorite Camino de Santiago movies and documentaries. Let’s start!

7 Best Camino de Santiago Movies

Get your tinto and tapas (Spanish red wine & snacks) ready for these uplifting and inspiring films about the Camino de Santiago! By the way, most of these Camino films are available on Amazon — if you’re not a member, you can get your 30-day free trial here.

1. I’ll Push You (2016)

I’ll Push You is a Camino de Santiago documentary featuring an intimate look at the friendship of a lifetime between two best friends. Together, they set off for a 35-day journey through the hills and valleys (literally and figuratively) of the Camino. On the real 2014 trek, they battle neurological disease and highlight the struggles of being in a wheelchair. Depicting the meaning of friendship, vulnerability, and generosity, this Camino film is an inspiration for those who wish to walk the Camino but find it impossible to begin. Not only has the documentary resonated with viewers for its take on friendship, but also those looking for a story of faith, hope, and love. We also recommend reading the book I’ll Push You: A Journey of 500 Miles, Two Best Friends, and One Wheelchair.

2. Walking the Camino: Six Ways to Santiago (2013)

Walking the Camino: 6 Ways to Santiago is a documentary film about six pilgrims’ responses to undertaking the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage. Annie, Tomas, Misa, Jack, Tatiana, and Sam are all undergoing the daunting, yet enlightening, trek for different reasons. However, the experience results in a spiritual and perspective change for each of the 6 hikers. Focusing on each hiker’s personal epiphanies, the filmmaker does a great job inspiring others to take the leap of faith to start the Camino, push their limits, and change their outlooks on life. Additionally, no matter the weather, the entire film is beautifully photographed, ensuring you’ll be sufficiently inspired after viewing!

3. The Way (2010)

By far the most popular movie about the Camino de Santiago, The Way looks at the difference between “the life we live and the life we choose.” It begins with a father from California who ventures to France to collect the remains of his deceased son who suddenly died while hiking the Camino de Santiago! Without any planning or training or the right gear, the father decides to complete the pilgrimage to honor his son’s memory. Although inexperienced as a hiker, he soon discovers the journey is more than just physical. Meeting many other hikers along the way in the search for life’s greater meaning, the father’s like is forever changed. Without a doubt, we highly recommend this Camino movie for depiction of the hostels and Camino Spirit alone.

4. Camino de Santiago – A Spiritual Journey (2018)

Camino de Santiago – A Spiritual Journey is a documentary film featuring interviews with six different men who made the exciting pilgrimage along the Camino de Santiago. The film depicts the journeys of the men while making fascinating historical references. For example, we learn about the Knights Templar, an organized Christian group who protected European travelers visiting sites in the Holy Land during medieval times, and it’s lasting legacy. In the end, it’s a film about faith: in spirituality, in humanity, and in the impact of the adventure to Santiago de Compostela.

5. Camino Skies (2019)

Camino Skies is a documentary film about everyday people doing the extraordinary while facing grief. Certainly, this film can be considered both inspirational and heartbreaking, so get your tissues ready! It showcases not only the mental capabilities to heal from loss but also the physical limitations due to crippling disease and old age. In the film, we see a beautiful juxtaposition between uncertainty and irritability and support and camaraderie. Keep in mind, the documentary is a budget film, so don’t expect exceptional landscapes and imagery. Rather, watch it for the story of several strangers over the course of their life-changing adventure.

6. Footprints: The Path of Your Life (2016)

Different from many other films which focus on the Camino Frances (the most popular Camino route), Footprints: The Path of Your Life, showcases the journey of 10 religious young men on the Camino Norte. Expecting some epic scenery, the men instead discover the valuable lessons the trek can teach us: commitment, perseverance, helpfulness, and spirituality. Remember, in order to succeed you only need to get up one more time than you fall! Since the film depicts the struggle of the rather Camino accurately — from backpacks to blisters — we recommend checking this film out. Genuinely, their experience is applicable to anyone traveling through life or looking for answers, not just Camino pilgrims.

7. Es Usted un Peregrino? (Are you a pilgrim?) (2013)

Es Usted un Peregrino? (Are you a Pilgrim?) is a documentary about a determined man who embarked on the Camino pilgrimage alone at 71 years old. While being happy with his marriage and family, he felt there was something missing from his spiritual life. During his journey, he meets other trekkers looking for life’s answers, inspiring him along the way. If you’ve been on the Camino, we’re sure you can relate to this! In the end, his relationship with God and humanity is re-shaped. We recommend this film on the Camino to those who are looking for that missing piece to life and think the Way (as the Camino is called in English) might help them on life’s journey.

BONUS: 3 Caminos (2021)

In 2021, the television show, 3 Caminos debuted. The show highlights five people from diverse backgrounds who met while hiking the Camino de Santiago in 2000. After their first Camino, the show goes on to depict the three stages of five lives: their 20s, 30s, and 40s. Each of the five friends experience the various emotions of life like love, courage, loss, and despair on the way to finding purpose. Although they made the first Camino for completely different reasons, their friendship evolves into undertaking two more Caminos together. While you might not see as much Spanish scenery or Camino culture, this is a fun show as we all wonder what impact the Camino — and those we meet on it — will have on our lives forevermore.

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The End

We hope that you’ve enjoyed this binge-worthy list of movies, documentaries, and even a TV show, about the incredible journey of hiking the Camino de Santiago available on Amazon. (Don’t have an Amazon Prime account? Start your free 30-day trial now!) There are so many more films out there if you want to keep watching, and if there isn’t a movie, there is probably a Camino de Santiago book you’ll love.

Tell us which movies you love the most, and in case we have missed any of your favorites, let us know in the comments!

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